Digital Weekly Timer

Antenna extention 3mt.

Antenna extension cord 3 mt.

Expansion Board for TLU2

Expansion board enhances the performances of Unico TLU 2


      UPS Battery charger
  • It charges different models of battery
  • It controls the battery efficiency
  • It charges only when needed

Ni.Mh Battery

Ni.Mh Battery 800 mAh for T.Ali Power Supply System

Lead Acid Battery

Lead Acid Battery 7,2 Ah

Digivox 5 Cartridges

Digivox 5 voice and music cartridges

Telephone Cable

Telephone Cable 3 mt.

Telephone Line Splitter

Telephone line splitter cable

Telephone Socket

Telephone Cable 3 mt.

Power Supply 24V

DC 24V 1A Power Supply